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Sainttraffic is a young and ambitious venture that follows a simple and unconventional idea: Converting Advertisments into Donations. Every day, advertisers invest millions of dollars into online ad campaigns at Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other ad trading portals – just to reach you, the potential customer. Imagine these advertisers not being able to reach you – unless they match your click with a donation to a charity of your choice! Only then their advertisments will have your attention. You decide! Sainttraffic cooperates with reputable charities and NGOs worldwide to make it happen: Greenpeace, Doctors without Borders, Gute Tat, WWF ..

Sainttraffic is currently operating in Germany, Netherlands and Malaysia with plans to expand into other countries in the near future.

This is how it works


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Whenever a user clicks on an advertisement or link provided in our Newsletter, the Advertiser matches this click with a donation.


A large part of the Advertiser's payment goes to the Charity of your choice.

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