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Connecting everyday people with endangered animals through meaningful experiences.

APE Malaysia connects everyday people with endangered animals through meaningful experiences. This social enterprise aims to take a lead in private sector conservation. It is running a business that implements integrated conservation development strategies at all project sites. Each programme with established conservation outcomes benefits to the stakeholders in a sustainable, responsible and collaborative approach. Volunteers are very welcome.

Example: [email protected]

[email protected] is a comprehensive and professional series of conservation education programmes for students aged 12 – 17. It has been designed by APE Malaysia. With access to a number of special conservation and education project sites, the [email protected] programmes allow students to gain backstage passes to endangered animals such as orang-utans, sun bears, and sea turtles. Participants go thru classroom and laboratory learning, and they experience the inner workings of an animal rehabilitation centre.

This immerses young people into the life of a scientist, accelerating their learning and motivating them to discover and explore the connection between animals, habitats and people through the scientific method.

Experimental quantification and reflective qualification let the students learn at their own pace, with the ultimate goal of allowing the synthesis of individual opinions and critical thinking. All done with an ethic of fun and hard work, this provides them with transferable skills that prepares them for future learning as well as developing them as global citizens for the challenges of a new Millennium.

Project Sites

APE Malaysia’s sight-seeing options include the Lower Kinabatangan River in and the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre – both located in Sabah. Volunteers also take trips to Turtle Island, climb Mount Kinabalu and explore Sandakan.

Partners in Lower Kinabatangan

• Rainforest Discovery Centre & Forestry Research Centre
• Sabah Wildlife Department
• Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
• Village Community of Kampung Sukau

Animal Projects & Environmental Education Sdn. Bhd.
KL office address: Unit 1005, Lobby 2, Block A, Damansara Intan, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: +60-(0)3-7724 2272
Internet: apemalaysia.com and facebook.com/ApeMalaysia
Email: info (a) ApeMalaysia.com

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