BAWE – Breaking the poverty cycle with education is cooperating with many charities, NGOs, volunteers and professionals to help each other raising funds with the goal to positively manage the impact of humans on our environment and our society. On a regular base we introduce you to these organisations and the people behind it. Today’s post is about:

Project BAWE*

Project BAWE
Students teach kids. Credit:

Project BAWE was founded by the Student Zad Chin Qi Qi. While working  as a volunteer at Kechara Soup Kitchen, she concluded that people remain inside the poverty cycle because of missing education. She herself came from a low-income family, but lucky enough her parents supported her education by giving up on material wealth.

Education inequality leads to education deficiency – a main cause why the poverty cycles are often unbreakable. But Zad Chin Qi Qi saw a chance by finding young college students that love to voluntarily teach other kids and close this gap in education.

The BAWE project brings students from colleges across Malaysia together, to change the society we all live in. Based on research carried out by the Khazanah Research Institute in 2018, households with higher education have three to four times more income than those with less or no formal education.

Project BAWE provides free personalised home tuition for children living in poverty. It mainly focuses on English, Mathematics and Science. The BAWE volunteers also hope that they can partner up with various ECAs clubs in colleges to help the children to get more exposure to the future world.

bawe instagram
There is a First Time for Everything: Feb 23, 2019. Students from various universities are working together to teach and help children that are living in poverty, so that they can eventually break out of the poverty cycle. Credit: BAWE Instagram

*BAWE stands for ‘Beating Automation with Education’. Its aim is to help children with poor background to get a better quality education so they will not become unemployed when automation kicks in. More information about charitable organisations similar to BAWE here -> Malaysian Charities.

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