Cat Walk for Tigers

October 26/27: Cat Walk for Tigers | FOR tigers, not with tigers. Still it will be for a good cause: On October 26 and 27 the next Cat Walk for Tigers will take place in Sungai Yu, Merapoh. “CAT” stands for Citizen Action for Tigers. In 2010, the non-government organization MYCAT initiated the CAT Walk programme to deter poaching and enhance the protection of the Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor which is a narrow stretch of forest that borders Taman Negara National Park. CAT Walk is a unique citizen action project available only in Malaysia. It allows concerned members of public to be directly involved in the protection of wild tigers and their habitat under threats.

The Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor is the most critical ecological corridor in Peninsular Malaysia – a priority area for tiger conservation and for poachers. Located in Kuala Lipis district, Pahang, this corridor is the only natural link between the two largest tiger landscapes in Malaysia, Taman Negara and the Main Range. Bisected by a highway, this area has become highly accessible and extremely vulnerable to poaching activity.

How will a CAT Walk volunteer help?

As a CAT Walk volunteer, you will patrol the poaching hotspot areas with an experienced and certified MYCAT leader. For instance, you will assist us to look for signs of illegal activity, snares and traps, as well as signs of animals, like animal tracks. All relevant information on suspected illegal activity observed during the walk will be sent to MYCAT’s Wildlife Crime Hotline and MYCAT will relay the information to the authorities.


Join us in the fight to save the Malayan tiger by participating in a CAT Walk. You can contribute directly to the continued survival of this critically endangered species -> CAT Walk

Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers | MYCAT is the alliance of the Malaysian Nature Society, TRAFFIC, Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia, Wildlife Society of Selangor and WWF-Malaysia, supported by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia for the recovery of wild tiger populations.

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