Curtin Malaysia students engage with rural folk

Source: BorneoPostOnline

BorneoPostOnline, 20 Nov 2019 | 25 first-year engineering students of Curtin University Malaysia undertook their community engagement project at Kampung Sungai Sebatu in Baram recently as part of their ‘Engineering Foundations: Design and Processes INDE1001 Unit’.

The project was coordinated by a teaching team led by Dr Sukanta Roy, the head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering under Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science.

The activities were aligned with several objectives – among them was the Work Integrated Learning (WIL), aimed at enriching the students’ experience and enhancing the learning outcomes where students, working in teams, were required to apply engineering design processes learned in the classroom to solve real-life problems.

The importance of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Goals 2016-2030 was also emphasised, in that the participating students were required to incorporate them in their community-based projects.

Sukanta said the Kampung Sungai Sebatu project, carried out over two semesters, involved introducing the community to good waste management and farming practices and also the benefits of composting food waste to produce cheap and environment-friendly organic fertilisers, in view of the majority of the villagers were engaged in subsistence and small-scale farming …

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