Fruit Bat Outreach Materials

Today, Sainttraffic wants to help Rimba* spreading the word about Malaysia’s Fruit Bats. Highly misunderstood and threatened due to prejudice and ignorance, Fruit Bats clearly don’t get enough love. Rimba wants to change this with the project Pteropus.

Project Pteropus has produced outreach materials for public education and awareness on Malaysian and Southeast Asian fruit bat conservation. These are available as soft copies for you to download and share for non-profit educational purposes – all we ask is that you use them in their original forms that we have created, and please do not make any additions or alterations.

The posters, brochures, fact sheets and documentary are more relevant to Malaysia (although they do feature two regionally common and widely distributed flying fox species), but the animated video ‘The Secret Life of Durian Trees’, the Green Humour infographics on bats as durian pollinators, and the children’s card game are widely applicable to all Southeast Asian countries, and can therefore be used across the region.

fruit bats malaysia posters
fruit bats outreach material available at

*Rimba is a Malaysian non-profit research group focused on conducting conservation science. The were established to help provide evidence-based solutions to conservation problems. Rimba uses the results of studies to engage constructively with policymakers and natural resource managers to help improve the protection and management of Peninsular Malaysia’s biodiversity.