Gibbon Rehab – Volunteer needed

As a Gibbon Rehab Volunteer, you will help this groundbreaking rehabilitation project by GPSM Gibbon Protection Society Malaysia. The project is located in their natural habitat, the tropical rainforest.

It cares for gibbons that were victims of the illegal wildlife trade. The rehab process is long and intensive. It requires 5 to 10 years for each gibbon to learn natural behaviours. Then they have a chance to be released back into the wild.

The role of a Gibbon Rehab Volunteer is to assist the primate keepers with food preparation, feeding and enrichment. You will also do daily cleaning of the enclosures. Moreover, there is scope to do animal observation studies, if you are interested in this aspect.

Responsible interaction with primates to allow release into the wild

This project follows professional guidelines for rehabilitation and re-introduction into the wild. So, you will learn that physical contact must be kept to a minimum. Not just because primates need to learn natural behaviour, away from human contact. There is also a risk of transmitting diseases between humans and primates. So proper vaccinations are required for a gibbon rehab volunteer.

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