Gibbon Rehabilitation Project needs new volunteers

GReP | Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Malaysia. Founded in 2016.

GReP is looking for new volunteers. The Movement Control Order has put an enormous strain on the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. It is located near Raub in Pahang. GReP has been understaffed since the beginning of the MCO due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you are Malaysian and you are willing to commit to our project for a minimum of one month as a Primate Husbandry Volunteer we welcome your application. If you have a keen interest in supporting a revolutionary wildlife rehabilitation project, scientific data collection and wildlife science, we encourage you to contact GReP via messenger or DM. You can also apply thru facebook.

GReP is a non-profit organisation working to conserve, protect and rehabilitate endangered gibbons and other primate species in Malaysia. We aim to conserve endangered gibbons and other primates in Malaysia, through our project the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GReP). At GReP we rescue and rehabilitate gibbons who have been victims of the illegal wildlife pet trade. Our goal is to educate the public about the threats gibbons face from human activities and inspire them to take action. We hope that Malaysians will understand the importance of these apes to the forest ecosystem and cherish the gibbons for what they are: Malaysia’s unforgettable singing apes.


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