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Rizq-ar-Rahman – charitable Labuan foundation. Credit: RAR.

Rizq-ar-Rahman is a charitable Labuan foundation. Our founders, Assila Emir and Fatima Bughdadi, came together bringing along their passion and strenghts in different areas of charitable work and turned it into this foundation. Goal: establishing an umbrella over their charitable projects.

The name Rizq-ar-Rahman means: “All provision (is from) God, the Most Merciful”. It bears great significance for the founders as it represents the very essence of what the foundation is built on – the belief that all provisions ultimately come from God.

We see so many people desperately in need of help. Often their voices and cries go unheard. We strive to become their voice.

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* More information about the foundation you find here: Rizq-ar-Rahman.

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