Sahabat Alam Malaysia is cooperating with charities, NGOs, volunteers and professionals to help raising funds with the goal to positively manage the impact of humans on environment and society. We introduce you to these organisations and the people behind it. Today’s post is about:

Sahabat Alam Malaysia

Sahabat Alam Malaysia
Friends of the Earth: meet Sahabat Alam Malaysia. Source: Facebook.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia is the national branch of ‘Friends of the Earth’ – an international NGO. Established in 1977, SAM works as a non-profit national environmental justice organisation with offices in Penang and Sarawak. Vision is to create a peaceful and sustainable world based on societies living in harmony with the environment. SAM publishes regular press statements via its web site and via Facebook. Its volunteers are involved in a variety of activities and campaigns to ensure that environmental justice is linked to social justice and that development choices and the management of natural resources must be sustainable and ecologically-sound. SAM supports the struggle of Malaysia’s indigenous peoples in the state in defending their indigenous customary rights and the natural resources of tropical rainforests.

For its efforts in highlighting the destruction of the tropical rainforests in Sarawak and in bringing the plight of the indigenous peoples to the attention of the international community, SAM was awarded the Right Livelihood Award also known as the alternative Nobel Prize in 1988 and the Goldman Award in 1991. In 1978, SAM was awarded the Global 500 Honour Roll and in 1998, we received the Conde Nast Travel Environment Award.

For years the volunteers of SAM empowered farmers, fishermen, Orang Asli and Asal (Indigenous Peoples), students and women through education and awareness raising workshops on fundamental rights in the constitution. During the course of our work they have trained both young and old activists to set up their own organisations to bring to fore any injustice they come across. To date SAM has helped set up more than 20 active local groups and indigenous peoples residents’ associations in Malaysia.

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