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Small Changes

Small Changes Malaysia
Small Changes Malaysia. Credit:

Small Changes Malaysia is a non-profit group made up of volunteers in Malaysia. They believe in the power of small changes by providing a volunteering network/empowerment platform that makes a difference. “Small Changes, Big Differences” is their slogan. One does not need to be grandeur in action to make an impact. Small Changes projects involve many young people volunteering to empower less unfortunate by giving knowledge, guidance and motivation. They are known for organizing school camps and kampung in rural areas across Malaysia, predominantly in the Klang Valley area.

The volunteers: young adults ranging from 18 year olds to 40 year olds. Most of the Small Changes members are either pursuing their tertiary education or currently pursuing their career.

The beneficiaries: underprivileged youngsters ranging from 6 years to 18 years.

Projects: Most prominently there is the annual fund raiser “Seeds of Seeds” to collect funds for all other projects throughout the year. Other Examples: Annual motivational camps for underprivileged students in rural area, Ramadan iftar sessions, Hari Raya shopping spree with the beneficiaries, post-flood aid relief, food donation drive, soft-skill lecture series with university students, entrepreneurship workshops, reading corner refurbishment project.

Small Changes
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