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SonneAire – more aircon, less energy cost | In 2012, Indonesian entrepreneur Azrina Yusof, founded Teknologi Inovasi Solar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Flagship product: a very energy efficient Aircon that runs without guzzling electricity. Prove us wrong, but we believe that this SonneAire Hybrid Air Conditioning System is currently the world’s best energy saving aircon on earth.

In a typical Malaysian home, air conditioning consumes approx. 60% of the total electricity cost. And guess what: as we turn on the aircon to cool ourselves, we are burning fossil fuel, which makes our surroundings even hotter, so we have to cool ourselves even more.

Azrina Yusof – a software engineer by training – found her all-in-one challenge:
(1) Build an energysaving aircon
(2) Reduce the carbon footprint
(3) Extend the lifespan of an aircon
(4) Supply hot water

Since 2013, SonneAire aircons have been using solar energy captured and retained via ‘thermosyphon solar vacuum tubes’ to heat the cooling agents, thereby slashing the energy consumed by the compressor by at least half.

SONNEAIRE™ is a registered trademark of Teknologi Inovasi Solar Sdn. Bhd. 2016, All Rights

SonneAire eco-friendly aircon units use water-based chillers, while the traditional aircon manufacturer still adds chemicals. SonneAire uses the most environmentally friendly HFC gas, R407C. This is completely natural and is the easiest way to stay cool. The vacuum tubes used in the invention are made of silicate glass.

SonneAire is able to use the excess heat from solar stored for the air conditioner, which comes with an in-built ioniser, to run a free hot water system.

Interested? The Company showroom is at
Teknologi Inovasi Solar Sdn Bhd – No 25, Jla Seksyen 1/22,
Taman Kajang Utama, 43000 Kajang Selangor
Please call in advance: Tel: (60)3 920015410
Email: [email protected]

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